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A Ministry of Relationships

Julian Oaks is a Christian camp which ministers to children who have been removed from their homes for reasons of abuse or neglect. With the help of many volunteer counselors, children between the ages of 9-18, who desperately need love and hope are touched by Jesus. They are invited to come to camp for a week in the summer, a weekend in the winter, & attend other gatherings throughout the year.


Developing relationships is key to the long term success of the camp program. In the summer we maintain a ratio are 2 children per counselor and only 20 children per week. In the winter months there are 12 children , with 1 child per counselor. The relationships begun at camp often grow beyond the camp setting and the lessons learned last a lifetime.

​Mission Statement


Redeeming the past


Providing a Joyful Present


Offering True Hope for the Future through Jesus Christ for children who have been abused

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