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Come and Serve the Lord at Camp!

Looking to be more involved? Becoming a camp counselor is an incredible opportunity to show the love and hope of Christ to youth who have been abused and are now living in the foster system. We are looking for mature Christians who have been committed to Christ for at least 2 years and are at least 19 years of age, with a personal testimony of the leading of Jesus Christ in their lives. We ask for a 5 day commitment in the summer and only a weekend commitment in the winter. Below are printable and online links for our Counselor Application, a  State Required Background Check, and a counselor training handout. At the bottom of this page is a contact form to be filled out so we can get in touch and answer and questions you may have. We can't wait to see you at camp!





A Word from a Counselor 


15  years ago, with a mixture of fear and excitement, my husband and I made our way up to our first high school summer camp. I find it humorous to look back and remember how completely naïve and unaware we were to the impact it would have on our lives. Since that fateful first camp, we’ve made it a point to go back three times a year! Camp is no longer just a ministry for us, it is woven into the fabric of our very souls; It has impacted our entire lives. I’ve come home crying for days over the grief so humbly, beautifully, and vulnerably shared during testimonies, I’ve been sore from hikes and games I would never normally play, I’ve laughed so hard my face hurt, I’ve grown attached to characters and personalities I in no way shape or form would have met otherwise, and I’ve learned from Tony and Tina what transparency, perseverance, faithfulness, and character look like in leadership. I guess you could say I’ve been broken, inspired, encouraged, and challenged all at the same time.


This all happens because the Star and best part of every camp is Jesus. His name is whispered in prayers, His Word is preached with passion and creativity, His power to save a lost world from sin is offered (even implored), and His displayed love is deliberate. You could say it is downright aggressive.


So camp for me is faith in action, bible stories played out in modern day, a mission field in my hometown, and a channel God uses to bless me when I pour myself into others. I now understand what it means to be exhausted for someone else physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To fight an unseen battle against the forces of evil that find your presence in that camper’s life antagonistic to their dark purposes and plans. To desperately hope and pray this precious soul you’ve been paired with will make a decision for the Lord and then grow in it. This makes camp a battlefield, a playground, a hospital, a lot of dirt and cabins, a church and a place where sin and shame meet Love and walk away with hope


Written by Jenna Grisez

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